Construction Design & Management (CDM)

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Our professional (Construction Design and Management) CDM Coordinator is a qualified Health and Safety professional.

We can advise clients on health and safety issues during the design and planning phases of construction work and our CDM Coordinator is someone who has and knowledge and experience of planning, management, construction, and communications.

We can prepare the project Health and Safety paperwork and make the required notification to the HSE.

Under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007, legal duties are placed on all the parties involved in the building process.

Clients must:

  • Appoint a CDM co-ordinator
  • Appoint a principal contractor
  • Make sure that the construction phase does not start unless there are suitable welfare facilities and a construction phase plan is in place.
  • Provide information relating to the health and safety file to the CDM co-ordinator
  • Retain and provide access to the health and safety file

CDM co-coordinators role is to:

  • Advise and assist the client with his/her duties
  • Notify and liaise with the HSE
  • Co-ordinate health and safety aspects of design work and co-operate with others involved with the project
  • Facilitate good communication between client, designers and contractors
  • Liaise with principal contractor regarding ongoing design
  • Identify, collect and pass on pre-construction information
  • Prepare/update health and safety file

The appointment of a CDM Co-ordinator is a statutory duty that is placed upon clients employed in any commercial or development activity.

We are also qualified and able to carry out the weekly scaffold inspections that are now a legal requirement under the CDM 2007 regulations.